Official Key Items Clear Heel Grips


  • Clear color blends in seamlessly to any inside shoe color 
  • Provides a secure and comfortable grip for heels
  • Great for wearing shoes for a long period of time
  • Easily sticks on any shoe
  • 1 pair included

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews



So good at feeling in these shoes that are just a little too big


It's see through so that's nice. Does lift when taking out foot a lil tho he wary

Did the job

I put this on my new heels since I didn't get a chance to break into them before an event. Super comfortable, soft on the heels and stayed put. Definitely buy again.

Comfortable but they don't stay put

I've been wearing Crocs flats for several years, always buying the same styles over and over again. But when I went to replace the latest pair that I'd worn to death, I couldn't find them anywhere. Time to go back to regular leather/pleather/fabric flats for work :(

In anticipation of buying new shoes, I bought a pair of these silicone heel cushions as well as a pair of the black Official Key Items Heel Cushions. I figured at just $1, it wouldn't be a waste if I didn't end up needing them. But of course, the new shoes were delivered, and while they fit very well, they moved a tad on my heel, which soon became sore. I put these silicone pads in them to stop them from slipping until they were more broken in, which took about 3 days of all-day wear. Unfortunately, I found myself having to put these pads back in place over and over again, as the adhesive quickly gave way and allowed the pads to move all over the place -- at one point they were even under my arches!
Fortunately, my shoes are all broken in now, so I don't really need these grips anymore, but if I did, I think I'd look for a better, probably more expensive option. The price is great here, but the performance is not.

Hi! We appreciate your feedback and we're so sorry this didn't work out for you. We will be forwarding this information to our product developing team so that we can work on improving our product for future releases!